Use Cases

Our managed XDR platform has a wide variety of use cases that our security team has implemented for our partners. Here are a few examples.

Video Game


By bringing threat intelligence, behavioral analysis, and  network activity metrics together, XDR can analyze events and look for oddities or threatening indicators. With these insights, it is much easier to identify and counter ransomware attacks.

Automated Rapid Response

Through machine learning and artificial intelligence, XDR can automate aspects of incident response. Using threat intelligence sources, some remediation and recovery can be automatically conducted. Even when automation cannot fully remediate on its own, automation can help reduce the time and effort needed to detect and analyze threats, making it easier for analysts to handle them.

Image by Kvalifik
Image by Adi Goldstein

Insider Threats

Not all threats are from external sources, sometimes they can come from within your own organization. By providing auditing and logging services, XDR can help trace and investigate malicious insider activity, ensure that important assets are secured, and implement proper security policies.

Policy Management and Compliance

XDR can be used to create security policy profiles, which can be easily applied to different endpoints within a system. Other XDR services, such as monitoring and logging, can be used to help ensure that various compliances are being met. 

Image by Philipp Katzenberger