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TruOnyx MDR

Maintain 360-Degree Protection of Your Business

24x7 Managed Detection and Response of Cyber Threats Using Our Intelligent AI XDR Platform

Continous CMMC Compliance

Single Unified Platform

Continous Monitoring, Protection, Prevention, and Compliance

Artificial Intelligence

Our XDR platform uses AI and machine learning to scale and bring efficiency to detection and response efforts

Endpoint Detection and Response

Our integrated EDR solution continuously monitors end-user devices to detect and respond to ransomware and malware threats

Network Traffic
and Behavior Anomaly Detection 

Detect unusual network events, trends, and data volumes  to identify advanced malware and adversary techniques


Automate repetitive tasks, and workflows to significantly reduce manual work to facilitate early detection, collaboration, analysis, and remediation of incidents  

Integrated Threat Intelligence 

Emerging adversary techniques and methods are continuously identified and analyzed to detect and thwart attacks in real-time

Vulnerability & Compliance  Assessments 

Continuously measure and visualize defensive posture activities along with NIST, ISO, CMMC and other compliance requirements

User and Entity Behavior

Identify behavior anomalies of users, routers, servers, and endpoints across on-prem and cloud environments


24x7 on-call and email support from highly qualified Tier 2, and security engineers. 

Unprecedented Velocity, Impeccable Reliability, Unbeatable Service and Price

One Click Onboarding and Offboarding with Full Visibility and Customizable Automation 

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Managed Service

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