Monitoring and Managing CMMC and Other Compliances: Neal Sachdev and Dana Mantilia

Our CEO, Neal Sachdev, recently had the opportunity to speak with Dana Mantilia, a cybersecurity social media expert. Listen to their conversation below, as they discuss compliance and monitoring, XDR technology, ransomware, and more.

In Part 1, Neal talks a bit about Areeva and its services, such as the Axiom SecOps platform, and CMMC certification assistance.

In Part 2, Neal talks about the importance of maintaining continuous security and compliance. He also gives his thoughts on what a company should look for in regards to security monitoring.

In Part 3, Neal and Dana discuss the danger of ransomware and how to protect against it.

Check out Dana's YouTube channel, "Cyber Security with Dana Mantilia", for more interviews between her and other cyber security professionals!

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